DIPP N° 43 | 1 L

DIPP N° 43 | 1 L

Extra Powerful Drain Cleaner
  • ideal for degreasing, cleaning and unblocking all drain pipes
  • dissolves all blockages of an organic nature, such as: food residues, fats, starch, coffee grounds, soaps, hair, etc.
  • does not contain acid
  • pH: 13,9


  • Reference No: 4311
  • Sales unit: 1x1L
  • Units per carton: 6x1L
  • Closure type: safety cap
  • Cartons per pallet: 48 (3x16 cartons)
  • EAN code . Sales unit: 5420035431115
  • EAN code . carton: 5420035431122

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