DIPP N° 57 | 750 ML

DIPP N° 57 | 750 ML

Ecological Glass and Mirrors
  • quickly removes all grease, dirt and fingerprints from glass, windows, display cases, mirrors and computer screens
  • evaporates quickly and guarantees clean, streak-free, shiny and perfumed results
  • ecological product certified by Ecolabel, the environmental certificate issued and controlled by the European government
  • pH: 7 - 8


  • Reference No: 5797
  • Sales unit: 1x750ml
  • Units per carton: 6x750ml
  • Closure type: safety cap
  • Cartons per pallet: 100(5x20 cartons)
  • EAN code . Sales unit: 5420035579718
  • EAN code . carton: 5420035579725

Quality labels

  • Logo Quality Guarantee

    We are committed to constant innovation, driven by the needs of professional users, as exemplified by our ‘Quality Guarantee’ label. When you choose DIPP Professional, you opt for efficiency, reliability and high quality at the right price.

  • Logo Ecolabel

    The Ecolabel is awarded to products and services that have a lower environmental impact than comparable products.