DIPP N° 40 | 10 L

DIPP N° 40 | 10 L

Rinse Aid Dishwashers
  • specifically developed for use in dishwashers and is suitable for washing all dishes, utensils,vsmall kitchen equipment and other food containers
  • facilitates rinsing and speeds up the drying of dishes
  • removes all traces and gives glasses and dishes a brilliant shine
  • suitable for all types of professional and semi-professional dishwashers
  • suitable for all levels of water hardness (soft and hard) and for all types of automatic dosing systems (integrated or external)
  • pH: 1,7


  • Reference No: 4010
  • Sales unit: 1x10L
  • Units per carton: N/A
  • Closure type: cap
  • Cartons per pallet: 60 (3x20 units)
  • EAN code . Sales unit: 5420035401019
  • EAN code . carton: N/A

Quality labels

  • Logo Quality Guarantee

    We are committed to constant innovation, driven by the needs of professional users, as exemplified by our ‘Quality Guarantee’ label. When you choose DIPP Professional, you opt for efficiency, reliability and high quality at the right price.

  • Logo Food Contact Alimentaire

    All the products in our DIPP Professional range that bear the ‘Food Contact Alimentaire’ logo comply with legislation regarding cleaning products that are used on materials and objects that come into contact with food products.